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To the attention of authors of «Research Journal of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Series “Philology” (Linguistics)» No 12!

Editorial board of Research Journal of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Series “Philology” (Linguistics) invites specialists in Germanic, Romance, Slavic languages, contrastive linguistics, theory and practice of translation, as well as reviewers to cooperate with the purpose of publication of new monographic editions and guides, as well as authors of announcements about national and international scientific events. Materials for publication are submitted in Ukrainian, Russian and relevant foreign languages (Germanic and Slavic) and must comply with current standards for printed works and requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (see: Bulletin of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine – 2009. – No. 5. – P. 26-30).

Research Journal of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Series “Philology” (Linguistics) is a professional edition on the basis of the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No 1081 dated September 29, 2014.


Requirements for articles composition

1. A manuscript should be presented in the format * .doc (MSWord): Times New Roman font, size 14, line spacing 1,5, fields left, top, bottom – 2,5 cm, right – 1 cm. Paragraph indentation – 1,25 cm. It should be clearly differentiate dash (–) and hyphen (-).

2. According to the requirements of State Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, publications in specialized journals must be accompanied by UDC, summary and key words (3–5) in Ukrainian (3–5 sentences) and in English.

Summary and key words are placed before the article text (font size 14, line spacing 1,5, italics, key words – semi-bold).

English summary must include a short article presentation with the volume of 250 words, at least, and contain author’s surname and initials, and the article title.

 Articles must have such necessary elements (semi-bold in the article text):

1)    problem statement and justification of its topicality;

2)    analysis of recent researches and publications;

3)    purpose and tasks statement;

4)    presentation of the main article materials;

5)    conclusions and prospects for further investigations in this area.

     3. To highlight citations in the text, it is necessary to use quotes like: «повсюдне домінування Інтернет ресурсів» [2, 444]… (in Ukrainian or Russian text) and “neologisms” (in foreign text). References to theoretical sources are presented in the text according to bibliography list in square brackets, for example:

1)    one source [2, 444–445];

2)    two and more sources [4, 154; 6, 768];

3)    a source without indicated page [2].

Illustrative material is in round brackets: (8, 15).

         4. Illustrations (schedules, graphs, diagrams, etc.) should be numbered within the article and accompanied by a name below them (for example, Drawing 1. Basic categories of narrative sentences). Tables are also numbered within the article and accompanied by a name above the table in the centre.

         5. Examples of illustrative materials are highlighted with quotes and italics. An example that contains more than one sentence is placed as separated paragraph with 15 mm indention at left, for example:

He coughs and splutters on the other end of the telephone. He has fallen out with all his friends over this. If needs be he will disown his daughters. He will stand alone against the world-alone apart from the beautiful woman by his side (14, 123).

         6. List of cited sources are entitled REFERENCES and typed using 12 point size, line spacing 1,5, after article text, following such sequence of presentation:

1)    theoretical materials in Cyrillic;

2)    theoretical materials in Latin;

3)    dictionaries and reference material (alphabetically, in accordance with requirements for national bibliographic standards);

4)    SOURCES OF ILLUSTRATIVE MATERIALS are numbered separately.

References are designed according to DSTU 8302:2015.

7. It is necessary to use the function of the simultaneous pressing of the keys Ctrl + Shift + indent between the initials of cited authors and surname in the article and bibliography.

8. Article volume is 8–12 pages. Publications are accepted in electronic version and checked by Antiplagiarism system. Editorial board reserves the right to reject articles, which don’t meet indicated requirements, to bring back for improvement, and also reserves the right to edit, reduce materials and title specification. The author is responsible for content, accuracy and credibility of indicated facts, quotations and references.

Example of article design

UDC 811.111: 801.8: 82.09: 81’322.5


Biletska O.V.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

The article highlights the interdependence of the notions “form” and “content” in linguopoetics. Special attention is drawn to the characteristic features of the new graphic form of postmodern text through the prism of graphic linguistics…(250 words).

Key words: form, content, graphic linguistics, visualization, new graphic form, postmodern text, traditional text.


У статті досліджено взаємовідношення понять «форма» та «зміст» у лінгвопоетиці. Особливу увагу приділено характерним ознакам нової графічної форми постмодерністського художнього тексту крізь призму графічної лінгвістики.

Ключовіслова: форма, зміст, графічналінгвістика, візуалізація, новаграфічнаформа, постмодерністськийхудожнійтекст, традиційнийхудожнійтекст

Problem statement and substantiation of topicality. A rapid spread of the new digital, electronic and computer technologies, including “widespread dominance of Internet resources” [2, 444] …

Order of materials publication

For publication of the article in No 12, it is necessary before November 15, 2019:

The article is obligatory reviewed by editor-in-chief. An author receives payment details after a successful reviewing.

It is necessary to send payment confirmation (photo or scanned copy) to editorial board.

Journal postal sending to authors will be held on January 17, 2019.


Publication fee

The publication fee is 600 UAH for 8-12 pages A4 format. If the article exceeds the indicated volume, you have to pay 50 UAH for each additional page. Materials of Doctors of Sciences are printed gratuitously.

Yours sincerely, editorial staff of Research Journal of Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Series “Philology” (Linguistics)

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